Mark Mackrell

MarkMark specialises in aviation law representing airlines, aviation operators and aviation underwriters. Mark also has extensive experience in Trade Practices, Product Liability and Intellectual Property issues. In 2016 Mark was listed in the Australian Finanical Review as a Best Lawyer in the field of Aviation Law.



Mark provides specific legal assistance in the following areas:

          • advising and representing airlines, aviation operators and aviation underwriters, especially in relation to major aviation litigation arising from aircraft accidents
          • product liability claims
          • regulatory issues
          • administrative law issues
          • representing clients in dealings with the Government aviation agencies
          • preparation of insurance policies
          • representing airlines, aircraft operators and insurers in cargo and passenger liability claims
          • advising on the Warsaw Convention, the Chicago Convention, the Civil Aviation Act, the Civil Aviation (Carriers’ Liability) Act, the Air Navigation Act, and other legislation affecting airlines and aircraft operators in Australia
          • alternative dispute resolution
          • representing airlines and aircraft operators in general commercial transactions for the acquisition, leasing and operating of aircraft and in respect of international carriage
          • risk management for airlines and aircraft operators
          • advising on Product & Services Liability
          • advising on Intellectual Property issues
          • advising and acting on competition law issues involving the aviation industry

 You may contact Mark on +61 2 9230 9415